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In 2015, Westfield hosted airport thought leaders and innovators from across the country to explore the roles of technology in airport innovation.

Westfield partnered at the inaugural American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) Innovation Forum held on November 12 at its laboratory offices in San Francisco, where attendees explored the role of technology in airport innovation.

At the event, Westfield showcased technologies and people that it believes have been transforming global retail and streamlining the traveller experience – a central theme that the airports and retail mall manager and developer promoting strongly.

Dominic Lowe, Executive Vice President at Westfield described it as ‘an engaging, thought-provoking discussion’ about the convergence of the physical and digital worlds at airports: “Integrating digital solutions is a key component for increasing customer satisfaction and growing non-aeronautical revenue that enables airports and airlines to invest more in operations and infrastructure,” he said.

AAAE President and CEO Todd Hauptli added: “By encouraging airports and innovators to collaborate and work together, we’ll find more effective solutions to enhance the customer experience. By applying a holistic approach like Westfield’s, we can provide more opportunities for airports, airlines and, ultimately, the travellers themselves.”

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