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Westfield unveiled a new approach to airport development that will transform the customer experience, enabling airports and airlines to grow non-aeronautical revenue for investment in infrastructure and operations.

“One Airport Journey. One Holistic Experience.” by Westfield is an all-inclusive development strategy that responds to today’s consumers who desire a seamless experience, guided by information from home to the curb, the gate and beyond.

“Today’s consumers expect more than concessions upgrades,” said Dominic Lowe, Executive Vice President, Westfield. “They want a seamless journey, one that’s connected physically and digitally, one that’s personalized to reduce the uncertainty, stress and tension today’s air travelers face. We’re excited to partner and co-invest with airports and airlines to develop and manage a cohesive customer journey that increases customer satisfaction and revenue.”

Building on 50 years of global experience in retail innovation, Westfield designs, funds, builds and manages next-generation environments at airports around the globe.